EnviroMystic – Biological Odour Eliminator and Deep Cleaner

EnviroMystic is a highly effective odour eliminator and deep cleaner. Combining “odour control technology” which rapidly binds and holds the bad odours, with “biological activity” which then digests the organic matter that is causing the bad odours – thus completely eliminating the odour. The resulting dual activity provides fast, effective and long lasting odour control. Also contains sophisticated, non-resoiling cleaning capabilities designed specifically for carpet and upholstery stain removal. Ideal for Laundry and Laundry Rooms, Bathrooms/Urinals, Upholstery stain and odour removal, Pet Areas , Garage and Basements, Fitness Facilities, Equestrian Stables, Livestock Farms and Garbage Collection Areas. Agriculture Canada Approval Pending. Available in Mango/Kiwi Scent: 12 x 500ml, 12 x 1Ltr., 4 x 4 Ltr., 20 Ltr., 30 Ltr. and 210 Ltr.


EnviroSan – Disinfectant. Cleaner. Deodorizer.
Ready to Use Sanitizer

Envirosan stops the spread of contamination, contagious germs and microorganisms. Provides maximum cleaning power to both heavily and lightly soiled areas. It is effective against staphylococcus aureus and the hospital grade germ Pseudomonas aeruginosa. EnviroSan also kills Herpes Simplex Type 2 on hard nonporous inanimate surfaces. It cleans and disinfects without streaking in one easy operation and eliminates the need for multiple products. Available in 12 x 1 Ltr and 4 x 4 Ltr. Agriculture Canada Approval Pending.



EnviroMist – Odour Eliminator

EnviroMist is an environmentally friendly odour eliminator and it is highly effective in controlling osmogenes that are present in undesirable odours. EnviroMist eliminates malodors such as fish, sulfur, smoke, ammonia, onion, garlic etc. but does not eliminate the desirable odours. Once EnviroMist absorbs an odour, it will not be released again because a permanent binding of the odour takes place. Available in Unscented, Mango/ Kiwi Scent, Fresh Scent, Spring Time in 12 x 500ml, 4 x 4 Ltr., 20 Ltr., 30 Ltr. and 210 Ltr. Agriculture Canada Approval Pending.

SDS - Unscented


Pine – Deodorizer and Sanitizer

Wonderfully Pine scented all purpose cleaner for use in washrooms, urinals and toilets. Use during mopping and scrubbing in the house or outside buildings such as kennels and barn aisleways. Available in 4 x 4 Ltr., 20 Ltr., 30 Ltr. and 210 Ltr.

MSDS Available Soon

Vetobac – Disinfectant/No Rinse Sanitizer/Deodorizer/ Virucide/ Mildewstat

Vectobac is specifically designed for hospitals, food processing plants, dairies, restaurants, bars, animal quarters, kennels and institutions where disinfecting, sanitizing and deodorization is of prime importance. This product deodorizes those areas, which generally are hard to keep fresh smelling. DIN. 02282208
Available in 4 x 4 Ltr., 20 Ltr., 30 Ltr. and 210 Ltr. Agriculture Canada Approval Pending



S-45 – Liquid Odour Digester

S-45 is a liquid, water-soluble deodorant, sanitizer concentrate with a wide range of applications. It is designed to eliminate disagreeable organic odours and freshen the air with a pleasant fragrance–will not stain or leave any residue. S-45 is ideal for use in kitchens and industrial waste disposal areas, washrooms, hotel and motel rooms, bathrooms etc. Available in 4 x 4 Ltr., 20 Ltr.,20 Ltr., 30 Ltr. and 210 Ltr.



3D – Cleaner, Degreaser, Deodorant and Disinfectant

3D is a unique, revolutionary multi-purpose cleaner, degreaser, disinfectant and deodorizer. This highly concentrated water-based product provides an effective environmentally safe alternative to toxic, caustic and solvent based cleaning compounds. Use in hospitals, food plants, nursing homes, all hard surfaces, porcelain fixtures, floor scrubbers, spot cleaning, carpet cleaning and pressure sprayer systems. Available in 4 x 4 Ltr., 20 Ltr., 30 Ltr. and 210 Ltr. Agriculture Canada Approval Pending




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