Biological Cleaners, Degreasers
and Deodorizing Products

Did you know – that compared to most traditional cleaners, biological products produce equal if not better results? Biologicals are more economical, safer to use and they actually
help improve the environment.

Where are biological products used?

They are used in all areas including floors, drain maintenance, odour control, odour elimination, cleaning up hydrocarbons, fats, oils, greases or any type of organics..


What are biological products made of?

Biological cleaning products contain “good” bacteria which produces enzymes that break up the organic waste so the bacteria can eat it up. This cycle is repeated for as long as there are favorable conditions, such as moisture and food supply. Once the food supply is completely digested, the bacteria will go dormant until they are called back into action by moisture or more organic waste being present. In order to enhance the cleaning process non-toxic biodegradable surfactants and emulsifiers are added to act as “carriers”. In addition to providing immediate cleaning ability, these additives help accelerate the breakdown of the organic waste and the reproduction of the good bacteria.


What are the key benefits of using biological products?

Well, first of all they are completely safe for the environment. In fact, they enhance the environment. Secondly, they are highly effective. Biological Cleaners are superior to traditional cleaning products in terms of their ability to clean. Thirdly, they are far more economical than traditional cleaning products. Unlike traditional cleaning products that are applied then removed, leaving surfaces susceptible to bad bacteria, the biological cleaning process keeps on cleaning, lingering on the surface, multiplying and continuing to kill the bad bacteria. And even better, these effects are cumulative. The longer period of time that you use biological products results in longer lasting results and easier cleaning the next time.


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