GEM – Concentrated Free Rinsing All Vehicle Wash and Wax

GEM contains new surfactant technology that provides incredible wash and rinse free results. Shines, protects and prevents oxidation – GEM provides a brilliant shine and is completely compatible with clear-coat finish. Unlike other automotive wash products, GEM has a unique sudsing profile that prevents residual buildup of detergent. When rinsed, GEM“sheets” off, with no beading of water that causes spotting – it dries instantly into a brilliant shine. This product is recommended for use by hand, in power wash or automatic car washes on all cars and trucks. Available in 4 x 4 Ltr., 20 Ltr., 30 Ltr. and 210 Ltr.


EnviroErase – Environmentally Safe Vandalism Mark Remover

Utilizing a revolutionary new technology that includes a highly effective natural solvent, EnviroErase removes marks caused by crayons, marker pens, ballpoint pens, spray paint, carbon paper, adhesives, lipstick and masking tape. Ideal for workplace or bar washrooms, school desks and lockers, parking meters, puck marks on arena boards and municipalities for graffiti on overpasses and buildings etc. Available in 12 x 500 ml., 4 x 4 Ltr. Agriculture Canada Approval Pending.


Mobile Wash – Heavy Duty Fleet Wash and Traffic Film Remover

Mobile Wash gives trucks and trailers a fresh clean look! Highly concentrated and economical, Mobile Wash was created to provide super strong, long lasting suds. Formulated for use on delivery trucks, vans, tractors, trailer, truck cabs, RV’s and buses. Can be applied with high or low pressure with hot or cold water. Mobile Wash breaks the magnetized bond holding dirt to truck surfaces. It removes stubborn traffic film, exhaust deposits and bug residue on truck cabs and trailers without time consuming brushing. Available in 30 Ltr. and 210 Ltr.


O’Boy – Vinyl Cleaner and Protector

O’Boy preserves and protects vinyl, plastic, wood, rubber, enamel and metal surfaces. Keeps them looking and feeling like new. O’Boy penetrates deep into surface pores to restore colour and body to washed out or faded surfaces. Use on: Vinyl, Plastic, Wood, Enamel, Aluminum, Rubber, Fiberglass, Stainless Steel and Paint. Available in 4 x 4 Ltr, 20 Ltr., 30 Ltr. and 12 x 500 ml.

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